We believe it's important to be as informed as possible when it comes to your pit bull.  However, we don't want to re invent the wheel.  There are some AMAZING organizations out there that already have it completely dialed in.  Here are some of our favorites who aren't just pit bull cheerleaders, but who also make a difference for these dogs and the people who love them:

Brew City Bully Club - Our neighbors to the south have been great supporters of Tilly's Pit Crew and in return we like to support them in their efforts.  We encourage you to attend some of their events so you can see how big city pit bull organizations do things.  Whether it's their End Dogfighting in Milwaukee efforts, or their Animal Allies, they are doing great things in some tough neighborhoods.

BADRAP - Oakland, CA can be a rough area, but these guys are doing INCREDIBLE things in the pit bull world.  From their involvement with the dogs in the Michael Vick case to their beautiful rescue ranch to their training videos, these guys have it all together!  If you are looking for a few training tips for your dog or some funny videos about the block heads we love, check out their website.  I promise you will learn something new every time you visit their website or facebook page.

Animal Farm Foundation - An A1 organization focused on rehabilitating the reputation of pit bull dogs.  They work closely with shelters across the country to create better  environments for dogs in their care.  They are also the organization behind the "I Am The Majority" campaign.  We hope to be able to help shelter dogs as much as they do.   Want to know if BSL effects a certain part of our country, they know all the details.  BSL is one of their specialties as well.  They also have a wonderful app for your phone about how to talk pit bulls to people who may not love them as much as we do.  
Of course there are many more great organizations geared toward the betterment of pit bull dogs, but these are our favorite top 3.  


You have this wonderful dog, and now you call your insurance company only to find out they won't insure you because of the way it looks.  Yup, that stinks, but it's the world we live in today.  There are options! 
These companies DON'T descriminate against any breed, as long as your dog doesn't have a bit history.

     Farmers Insurance                                                                          
     Go to the link to find an agent near you

            State Farm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chris Toutloff
    1732 South 8th Street
      Sheboygan, WI 53081
             (920) 458.7732


We are told that Auto-Owners and All State also offer insurance to pit bull owners, however we do not have an agent that has contacted us at this time.  We will update information for you as we know it. If you know of an agent that is willing to work with you, please let us know so we can list them for others who may be interested.


Unfortunately we don't have an answer for you at this time.  We suggest you create a type of "resume" for your dog.  List all the training they have gone through.  Give a list of references that can verify that your dog is child friendly, dog friendly, cat friendly, etc.  Contact one of the above insurance agents about purchasing renters insuance.  Show them that you ARE a responsible dog owner.  Ask them to meet your dog.  Have yummy treats ready when you do so Fido is at his best behavior.  All of these things will not only show that you  are a responsible pit bull owner, but that you are also a responsible renter.  Let them know that renting to a pit bull owner could mean longer term renters, as well.  Because it's tough to find a place to rent with a pit bull, you're more likely to stay in their unit longer.  Most landlords LOVE that!!!  

Check this out.  BADRAP has come up with this handy dandy way for you to present your pit bull in the best light possible to your landlord.  You can print our their doggy resume strategy here!
Once you secure your apartment, BE THE RENTER YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD BE!!!!

*please let us know if you get the apartment :)


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