Sometimes you just have to save a dog in need. 
Tilly's Pit Crew was not founded to be a rescue.  Instead, we are an education and advocacy group.  But sometimes, when a special dog needs a home, we step in.  We can't do this without foster homes, though.  All dogs that Tilly's takes in are put into foster homes.   
We generally only take one or two dogs at a time.  We work on training, get them vetted (if needed), and allow them to decompress, from shelter life before we put them up for adoption.  This allows us to evaluate each dog so we can find the very best home for them.  
Each application is gone through, and the BEST home, not necessarily the FIRST home is where we place that dog.  That doesnt' mean we won't adopt a dog to that applicant, it may just mean that the dog you apply for is better suited for another home.  Maybe we feel a dog's personality fits better with another dog, or that a certain dog is too much energy for small children.  
Our goal is that you have a companion for life!

Welcome Oswald to the TPC rescue family!

Oswald is the newest member of the TPC rescue family.  He has been in and out of the shelter all of his life (he is about 7 years old), so when we told our friends at Lakeshore Humane Society in Manitowoc, WI that we wanted to save a dog for Christmas they asked us to take Oswald.  Oswald does have some allergies which became too much for a previous owner to care for, but we are getting that taken care of and Oswald is on the mend.  Oz will need to be on a strict diet, as food is a trigger for his allergies, but the food can be bought at Petsmart and is not expensive.  But NO pizza crust for this guy!
Oswald is picky about his dog friends, he prefers the easy listening type to the heavy metal type, so if you have a dog, they need to be more mellow.  He is also fine with cats. 
Oz gets a little over zealous around kids, so we prefer older children, possibly 10/12 and up.
This guy LOVES people and would do best in a home where you aren't gone 10+ hours a day.  Maybe you work from home, or work opposite shifts as your spouse?  OR, maybe you are very active and Oswald gets a lot of playtime.  He's not big on lots of walks or running, but a tired dog is a good dog!!  So lots of play time would be great!

Watch our Facebook page for pictures and updates on this fantastic boy!

Email us at [email protected] for more information on this great boy!!!

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Roney, fma Tyrone, has found his forever family.  You will see Roney at some of our events, he's become a great ambass-a-dog!
Roney (his fun new nickname) is now living with a matching fur sister where he enjoys tons of playtime, watching squirrels from his window by the couch, and tons of love. We are so happy that his family saw the fun-loving little man that we knew was always in there.  


Brutis was adopted from the shelter to a wonderful family.  He lived with 2 other dogs and 2 little boys.  However, Bruty and one of the other dogs in the home started to not get along.  After trainers were brought in and time was given, it was best to find Brutis a new home.

Tilly's stepped in and found him a foster home, which later became his final forever home.  Bruty now lives with his fur sister, Mable, and loves snuggling with his mom and dad.