I'm Adopted

In an effort to promote the adoption of not only pit bull type dogs, but ALL dogs, Tilly's Pit Crew is starting the "I'M ADOPTED" campaign.  This campaign is designed to show that adopted dogs are not "damaged goods" but instead are just regular dogs doing regular things.  

To show off your adopted dog (and by adopted we mean you got your dog from a rescue or shelter, not from a breeder), simply download the sign below, fill in the blanks, and take a picture of your dog with his or her sign.  Yes, people can be in the picture.  Yes, it can be an action shot.   Yes, they can be sleeping. It doesn't matter, as long as your dog is adopted, anything goes!  Simply download the sign, fill in the blanks, take the picture and email it to us at [email protected], subject line "I'm Adopted".   Your photo will be added to this page and possibly to facebook or other social media.

By submitting a picture to us, you give Tilly's Pit Crew permission to use your picture in any online or print advertising or marketing, not limited to a possible calendar.  We reserve the right to refuse to publish any photo at our disgression.  Photo submissions become the sole property of Tilly's Pit Crew once submitted to us.  

I'm Adopted
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